Progress with Open Inquiry Project

So far with my open inquiry project I have been practicing Mandarin on Duolingo once a day. I have been finding that this is helping with learning some parts of the language but other parts it has some issues. At the moment I have learned how to say “hello”, “good”, and “goodbye”. I have also learned how to read the numbers characters but not how to say any of them. While this has been good the issue I’ve had is that I find the program is more teaching me how to know to match the Mandarin characters with the pinyin spelling of the words, but not what the characters or the sounds actually mean. I did learn the other words I mentioned but there are many characters that I know how to match but not actually what they mean. I’m going to keep using the program for another week or so but if it is not changing I would like to try to find a new program to help me with this. Hopefully it picks up though because I do love the accessibility of Duolingo since I can do it anywhere!