Reflection on Ed-Camp

I thought that Ed-Tech activity we did in class was very good way for everyone to collaborate together and build up each others ideas on a certain subject. However in my own group I think that we could have used some light guidance in the form of some prompt questions to guide our conversations in the right direction. We talk about topic for about 15-20 minutes on outdoor learning environments. We were sort of unsure about where to start our conversation so if there was a starting question to guide us I think we really could have gone more in depth. We also did get slightly off track and talking about unrelated subjects, so if there was a prompt to get us back on track that could have helped us too. I know the point of the activity is for people to have their own ideas and I’m not saying that you should have to work through questions to answer, but just have some if the group needs help to get it going. Even though the conversation we had was short, it was very good. I really like this idea for a classroom since everyone can share their ideas in a smaller group setting rather than with the full class, which can be very nerve raking.