Mandarin Resourse

I recently have started using a new resource that has been helping me progress my Mandarin. It is called Pimsleur. I came across this while having a conversation with my uncle who used to live in China for five years. We were talking about the phrases that I knew already and what resources I had been using to learn some Mandarin before I go to China and he brought up this new resource. I will attach a photo but these are just audio files so there is not much to look at.

Where these lessons differ from the other apps I have been using is that I am being taught conversational skill, as opposed to in Duolingo or Bussu where I was being taught the characters and the sounds that go with them. In my previous blog post about Mandarin the phrases I was speaking were learned from Pimsleur. The lessons start by listening to a conversation between two people in Mandarin. At first you have no idea what they are saying but as the lessons progresses you learn the phrases and words that were spoken so when the conversation is played again at the end of the lesson you can pick up on what is being said and even speak in it too. While this is has been very useful for me these lessons are not as accessible as the other resources I mentioned earlier. My next blog post about Mandarin will be another one where I am speaking phrases that I have learned in Pimsleur.