Reflection 9,10,11

Reflection 9

My greatest professional strength as an educator who will teach music is I enjoy playing music myself and have fun doing it. I can use this strength to share my love for music with my students to teach them how to play different instruments or use the world around them to make music. Hopefully when in the classroom teaching music, my students will have fun with me while we make music together.

Reflection 10

When I think about myself as a future educator teaching music, I see myself teaching music how I learnt it with my third grade teacher. I would like to have song books for all the students with songs that I could play on the guitar. I have so many memories of singing songs like Puff the Magic Dragon or The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald while my teacher played the music for us. These are my most happy and memorable memories of music from elementary school so I would like to do this with my class so hopefully they can have good memories and relationships with music too.

Reflection 11

My greatest area of growth during the course has been in the area of learning new instruments. During the course I have learned how to play a song on the piano which was my original musicianship goal, but have also learned many chords on the guitar and ukulele and multiple strumming patterns for both. I’m very happy with the progress I have made on all the instruments since I had not played any of them since middle school. I have found it very satisfying to sit down and practise and be able to see the growth even just from 10 minutes of playing. I will continue after the course has ended to keep up my skills on these instruments.