Social Media in Education

During this semester we have been shown many different tech tools that can be used in education. To my surprise some of these tool s ended up being different forms of social media! The only time I remember social media being a part of school was one of my friends would check in with his homeroom teacher over twitter. I still had really never associated social media to go together with education but here we are!


This class has been the first time I have ever used blog website for myself. Also probably the most I have ever visited other peoples blogs, I was never very into blogs. I have been using this WordPress website for everything for this EDCI 336 class and some for EDCI 306. At first I found WordPress to be very confusing, and for some things I try to do it still is, but after the initial learning curve I figured out how to do everything I needed to do. What I like about WordPress if how simple it is to simply type right in it and and drag the photos you add very easily. Actually blogging and writing in the website is very convenient. Compared to blogging on course spaces WordPress really has so much more versatility with how you can present your work. I also like how after the class has ended I will still be able to go back and look at my posts. It is also nice how it is possible to make posts private or only view-able by certain people. This lets you make posts that perhaps are mandatory to write but you do not feel comfortable with sharing this on the internet. So far I haven’t had this issue and all my posts are public. The thing I don’t like about WordPress is the limited customization with the website layout you can change. After figuring out what options controlled what I hit some road blocks. For example I tried to change the colour of my text from red to black, however I soon found out that you cannot change the colour of your text without changing to a new theme. In the future If I were to choose to use any of the three social medias on this post in my classroom, I would choose WordPress.


Another Social Media introduced to me this semester was Trello. I had never heard of Trello before this class. Trello is project management tool that can be used individually to keep yourself on track on with a group so everyone knows their tasks and what needs to be done. You can set up cards with to-do lists, doing, or done. I can see how this could be a good way to set your students up to lead towards them organizing themselves and their own group projects. We had Trellos set up for us for our personal open inquiry and our group tech inquiry projects. I personally didn’t use Trello very much. I found that with my group we communicated primarily over Facebook messenger. Here we could just figure our in real time what we wanted to do and when we would meet to do it. However if our group had not been meeting in person so frequently I think that Trello would have worked better since we could add things and have all our projects and tasks organized. Trello is also very private. Only people who have been added to a board can see the content that has been put on it.


I had of course heard of Twitter before the beginning of this course. Though I had never thought of it as an educational tool. It surprised me to see how much was going on in the education world on twitter. We were also introduced to tweetdeck, a website that allows you to modify decks of different types of twitter feeds. So in tweetdeck you could have a section just about a hashtag of our course, #edci336. This is a really convenient way to only get exactly what you want out of twitter. Personally I think I have some sort of mental block put up around twitter. Whenever I go on I never feel anything make me ever want to open it again. I don’t enjoy sharing my own tweets on Twitter, the same with other text based social media sites like Facebook or Reddit. I should try to be more open about Twitter since I know that I can make exactly what I want out of it.