Final class

In our final class this week we had the opportunity to learn about a few more technologies that could be used to the benefit of us and our future students.

GAFE (Google Apps For Education)

Cloud-based apps have become common in day to day life which means that they are now also popping up within the education system. Google has created a solution for schools that puts Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Sites, and Google classroom into one place. There are many school districts that use GAFE, like SD61 (Greater Victoria School District), but it is important that these districts are transparent about the regulations surrounding these applications.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays computer-generated images onto one’s view of the real-world. The most common places to find this technology are in the apps Pokemon Go and Snapchat. I had not given any thought as to how something like this might have benefits within the classroom setting, but I did not know how easily-accessible augmented reality apps like HP Reveal are. This would be an interesting area to have some more knowledge on.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can bring new worlds to life, and the benefits for education at all ages are endless. I have tried using Playstation VR before where I was placing into the star wars universe and got to fly an x-wing in space! It’s cool to see how affordable Virtual Reality can be as well: I used a GoogleCardboard headset after class with my phone and went for a ride on a rollercoaster! I think it would be very interesting to use something like Minecraft education together with VR with older students. They could be placed into other worlds and learn and explore while being immersed in another world.

QR Codes

This is the topic today that I was most familiar with. Qr codes are square shaped patterns that when scanned with a smartphone camera can redirect you to a website. I have mostly used these to write